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Observation Periods


Table 5.1 shows times during which a 9-pulse scanning mode was used on the Saskatoon SuperDARN radar. The sequence used is one of the 9 pulse patterns listed in Table 3.3. Pulses are located at 0 tex2html_wrap_inline4464 , 3 tex2html_wrap_inline4464 , 4 tex2html_wrap_inline4464 , 14 tex2html_wrap_inline4464 , 22 tex2html_wrap_inline4464 , 29 tex2html_wrap_inline4464 , 31 tex2html_wrap_inline4464 , 34 tex2html_wrap_inline4464 and 35 tex2html_wrap_inline4464 , where tex2html_wrap_inline4464 was tex2html_wrap_inline5264 as the basic lag separation.

Table 5.1: Periods of 9-pulse high-resolution ACF scanning mode on the Saskatoon Radar

Table 5.2 lists the observational periods that were used to compare SuperDARN data and measurements of the SSJ/4 particle analyzer on board of the DMSP F12 satellitegif.

Table 5.2: Observational periods for SuperDARN radars in Saskatoon and Kapuskasing and DMSP F12 satellite for comparisons

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