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Multipulse Sequencer

The pulse program generates multipulse sequences by iterating over all possible pulse combinations and calculating relevant parameters of each sequence. The output should be sorted with the sort command to identify efficient sequences.

        pulse [options] >report
                -h        this help text 
                -p<#>     number of pulses
                -s<#>     maximum distance of each pulse
                -d<#>     max. distance must be ># for output
                -m<#>     missing lags must be <# for output
                -u<#>     multiple lags must be <# for output
                -r<#>     don't use first/last # percent of patterns
                -o<#>     multiple distance ># for recovery, def=9
                -P        generate progress report
                -V        generate more statistics output
                -S        process single sequence
                -1<#>     set the pulses for a single sequence run
                to -9<#>  Note: first pulse (i.e. -0) is always at 0

Andreas Schiffler
Wed Oct 9 10:05:17 CST 1996