SDL2_gfx  1.0.1
SDL2_gfx - Graphics primitives and surface functions for SDL2

Contact and License

Email aschiffler at ferzkopp dot net to contact the author or better check author's homepage at for the most up-to-date contact information.

This library is licenced under the zlib License, see the file LICENSE for details.


The SDL2_gfx library provides the basic drawing functions such as lines, circles or polygons provided by SDL_gfx on SDL2 against renderers of SDL2.

The current components of the SDL2_gfx library are:

Note that SDL2_gfx is compatible with SDL version 2.0 (not SDL 1.2).



Use the standard autoconf/automake sequence to compile and install the library.

        ./    # (optional, recommended)
        make install

\subsubsection nommx Linker Configuration

The default location for the installation is /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include. This libary path may need to be added to the file the linker configuration file:

        vi /etc/

\subsubsection nommx Non-MMX Platforms

To build without MMX code enabled (i.e. ARM, PPC, AMD64 architectures):

        ./configure --disable-mmx
        make install

Windows (VC10, VS2012)

Open SDL_gfx_VS2010.sln solution file and review README.

Test Programs

Change to the ./test directory and run


to create several test programs for the libraries functions. This requires the SDL2_gfx library to be previously compiled and installed.

See the source in the test/*.c files for some sample code and implementation hints.


Please refer to the Doxygen-generated API documentation found in the Docs/html folder as well as the test programs in the test folder.

Change Log

SDL2_gfx ChangeLog

Sun, Jun 15, 2014  3:12:31 PM
- fixed roundedBox by rewriting algorithm and base it on filledCircle
- fixed textured polygon algorithm
- updated testgfx extensively (visual accuracy tests, updated tests for textured polygon)
- updated README

Mon, Jun 09, 2014  8:48:50 AM
- removed VS2010 solution files; updated VS2012 solution files for SDL2 updates

Mon, Jun 02, 2014  7:36:24 AM
- add patch for pkg-config support (thanks Sylvain)
- update tests to use SDLTest library
- fix commandline parsing in testgfx

Mon, May 12, 2014  7:29:24 AM
- fixed BoxRGBA size-off-by-1 error (thanks Stefan for reporting)

Sun, Feb 02, 2014 12:00:00 PM
- fixed and optimized rotateSurface90Degrees
- updated testrotozoom to allow specification of test range

Sun, Nov 03, 2013 10:11:16 AM
- updated testgfx program for benchmarking primitive rendering performance
- updated test programs based on VS warnings
- fixed VS2012 solution for Release build
Mon, Oct 28, 2013  8:00:05 AM
- bugfix to _aaline special cases
- added image filter functions
- added to documentation
- updated readme and changelog
- updated solutions for VS2010 and VS2012

Tue, Sep 04, 2012  8:27:44 AM
- initial release of development version (partially finished)