As of today, I am switching the website from my Joomla setup to a WordPress installation to ease content creation and overall maintenance. A contact form is in this post.

What can you expect find here? — Was gibt’s hier zu finden?

  • ferzkopp’s Personal Stuff such as a resume, some notes on the website, other unsorted personal items of net-interest.
  • ferzkopp’s OSS Code and useful code snippets to make the digital world a better place – no particular order, and probably out of date.
  • ferzkopp’s Research and Science  from my M.Sc. in Upper-Atmospheric Physics at ISAS at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, my PhD in Media Theory from the University of Plymouth, UK at Z_node group, Zuerich, Switzerland as well as general science topics of interest.
  • ferzkopp’s Media Art since I’ve been involved with quite a range of media art projects in the past – mostly at the technical level – and although I don’t want to call myself an artist outright, everyone is (or should be) artistic from time to time.
  • ferzkopp’s Commercial Work to feed the family, commercial projects and full-time employment provides the cash. Shown are some of the endeavors from my self- and regular employments and commercial activity.
  • ferzkopp’s Links which are part reference, part attempt to improve the search rankings of the relevant pages 🙂 and are hopefully useful to someone other than myself.

If you arrived here  looking for specific webpages from the old site, please use the search facility on the site to locate the original content. Feel free to send me a note using the contact form below.


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    WordPress, here we come …
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