Every good website should have a good link collection – as personal or public references, for SEO, to indicate allegiances and friendships. This is mine.

  • Eastside German Language School

    EGLS is a Saturday school with a focus on immersion based classes for all ages.

    I used to manage the web-presence and CMS when I was a member of the board of directors in this non-profit organization.


  • Saarländisches Schulmuseum Ottweiler

    The school museum of the Saarland in Ottweiler offers exhibits on several floors from 1000 years of school history. Many classes and visitors enjoy annually the guided tours offered by the museum or explore the showcases and sections on their own. Constantly changing exhibition offers provide an alternative for people that have already visited the museum before, while the Residenzstadt Ottweiler supplies the historical ‘ambience’ for a unique trip into the history of schooling.

    I have designed and setup the original website and current CMS version of the Schulmuseum in Ottweiler/Saar, Germany.


  • Z_node

    Z_node is a doctoral study group and was founded in 2004 by the Institute for Cultural Studies, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) in Zürich, Switzerland and the School of Technology, Communication and Electronics at the University of Plymouth England. The four main aims of Z_node are: to explore and define new cultural epistemologies between design, art, science and technology, to search for original hybrid combinations of media and art practice and scientific theory by focusing on critical and ethical discourses, and to discuss the future of the arts in relation to the cultural and social impact of technology on society.

    The researchers in Z_node are doctorial candidates, based at the University of Applied Arts in Zurich, but the University of Plymouth awards their graduate doctoral degrees. These artists-researchers wish to explore trans-disciplinary and trans-cultural theory and practice in subjects like communication, collaboration, social science, cultural difference and environmental sustainability. Each year, the group met for three 10 day sessions either in Zurich or in other countries for seminars and presentations of their latest research.

    I completed a PhD entitled “New Game Physics” at Z_node under the director of studies Prof. Dr. Jill Scott.


  • Saskatoon Linux Group

    The Saskatoon Linux Group (SLG) was a university based users group of enthusiasts for Linux, OSS and everything technical. It lives on in this mailing list archive.

    I was a founding father of this users group.

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